A vehicle to connect locations and applicable brands with an engaged UHNW audience

July 31st 2023

AXEEON has been commissioned to develop a travel platform with many of the world’s most recognisable brands within the high-end sector. Commenting on the project, “We have a 15-year history with the main principal brands involved. It’s been a continuous history built on trust and mutual success. 2022 will see a sea change in the travel intentions of the world’s most affluent. It’s never been more vital for regional and national tourist boards and preeminent luxury brands to re-establish a connection with these individuals.” For more information, email:

Reaching an affluent audience when privacy of end user is paramount

April 7th 2023

AXEEON Wealth Index incorporates end-to-end encryption to securely connect brands with a verified target audience, facilitating brand collaboration without compromising personal data. Commenting on AXEEON Wealth Index, “The protection of digital identity is paramount. Our platform is designed from the ground up with privacy in mind. Digital campaigns are often spent reaching individuals who simply don’t have the required spending power. Moreover, brand promotion can very quickly become an unwarranted intrusion. Connecting to a verified affluent audience at the right time, is at the heart of AXEEON Wealth Index. This is augmented by a brand referral system which builds trust and credibility.”

AXEEON machine learning, design automation

March 3rd 2023

AXEEON UX integrates AI driven design to deliver individualist, consumer led digital experiences. Commenting on the upgrade, “One of our primary goals has been to connect our clients with their relevant audience in an immersive, personal fashion. AXEEON UX will automate many processes and tailor each experience with the end user in mind.”

Film Council 2023

December 8th 2022

AXEEON secures partnership with the world’s foremost tourist authorities, promoting their primary filming locations. Commenting on the project, “Our role will be to amplify traditional incentives, such as tourist board investment funds, with more streamlined intergovernmental collaborations. With major studios reassessing locations for a post Covid world, our tourist boards are well positioned to showcase their undoubted attributes.”.

Renewable energy integration and transitioning to a low carbon future

October 21st 2022

AXEEON Analytical Model used to conduct EU wide study to calculate optimal ‘renewable energy’ blend on a country-by-country basis.


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Digital workshop Fri. 4.30pm GMT offering solutions to diverse challenges.
,Latest: AXEEON develops immersive AR experience in conjugation with Stein… @AXEEON

Digital workshop Fri. 4.30pm GMT offering solutions to diverse challenges.
,Latest: AXEEON develops immersive AR experience in conjugation with Stein … @AXEEON


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